" I registered in your website last week
and I found the maid I am looking for
so thank you... "

Faten Issa

" The concept of MaidCV.com is great and seeing the interviews saves a lot of time while looking for help. "

Bronwyn G

" The site is very easy to use and informative. It's nice to be able to choose our maid and not have an agency to do the selection for you. I wasn't sure that the website would be helpful at first but if I knew I wouldn't have spend all my time and energy contacting those expenses maid/nanny agencies. There are always pros and cons in any of the choice but , I found the website a lifesaver! Great job and keep it up! "

Sabrina R

" What a useful service you have implemented here! Thank you for that!
It saved me so much time to be able to interview maids over the phone while looking at their full CV… As maids’ English is always quite poor, it enabled me to have a greater outlook of their past experience and screen them better. "

Leia S

" Thank you for providing us profiles of maids based in UAE… I really did not want to take the risk of spending several thousand of dirhams to bring a maid from abroad… Also, thanks to your interview tips, my wife managed to recruit the right maid/nanny in no time! Thank you maidCV.com! "

Omar R

" Thank you MaidCV.com for making my maid recruitment so much easier… Before, I used to struggle so much to get even 1 phone number of maid… Thanks to you, I got 10 every day and their full CV along with it! "

Asma B

" Hi, I just moved to Dubai ,It was my first time to hire a maid it took me just One hour to find one!
The web site is set in such fashion, that the important question are asked for you. I selected one and when I met her, that was exactly what I expected!
It took me 3 weeks to make the move to look for one, because I was afraid of spending hours in interviews and selection!!!!! In fact, that was the simplest thing I had to do since I arrived in this city!!
Don't hesitate to use this site!!! "

Olivier O

" Once I had registered, it only took me 4 days to hire a nanny on MaidCV – the CVs were a great help for me to filter and in the end I interviewed 3 applicants in the mall and found the right one. Thanks "

Deborah O

" Thank you for an amazing service - thanks to MaidCV we recruited Maryann the perfect maid for our family and we are all delighted. Will definitely recommend you to my friends "

Janet K

" I have just signed up with MaidCV.com a few days ago and am impressed. I have spoken with about four ladies so far, none of whom were quite right. I have just found one today who I am going to interview this week. I like that you can see the salary expectations, and the type of work they are interested in, and an idea of what type of work experience they have. I much prefer this than relying on classifieds. Also, if you SMS a candidate they may not respond as they may not have credit on thier phone. I call in the evenings only, as this is probably the best time to reach ladies who already have a job. "

Rachel M

" In several occasions, I had to look for an in house maid... It has always been a long and painful process... even when using agencies charging 3000Dhs fees!
I found my last maid with maidcv.com... I had to make a lot of phone calls and SMS but at least it cost me only 450Dhs... Also, I was happy to get their CV before calling them... instead of getting just phone numbers from here and there while asking and bothering so many of my friends to find a new maid....
Key for success for me was to offer good salary and call/meet the girls as soon their CV was posted... Because in the end there are in Dubai more families looking for a maid than maids available... And I did not want to send 7 000 Dhs to make a maid come from her home country "

Leila K

" Many thanks for the professional service and great website! Very good and very efficient. "

Hans VDV