Employee Code Of Conduct

We suggest you share this document with your new home helper to make sure you both agree on the way forward. Take the time to sit with them and make sure they understand and agree on all these points. You can then sign this document and keep a copy each.

Employer Code Of Conduct

It goes both ways, and we think you should also adhere to a certain set of rules. Human dignity of the employee is very important, don't forget you are trusting them with your home and maybe even your children!

How To Find A Maid

Finding The Perfect Help
One of the big advantages of moving to Dubai is that you may no longer have to do your own cleaning and ironing! The only thing you need to get right is your recruitment and training, but once that is out of the way you will gain free time to spend enjoying the Dubai lifestyle!!

Interview Questions For A Cook

Here are some useful questions to ask a chef during interview. We always recommend you test their cooking before hiring, but these questions should already get you on the way

Interview Questions For A Maid

It is likely you will be interviewing a lot of candidates so don't leave your recruitment to chance. By asking all the candidates the same questions you will get a good feel for who suits your needs best. And don't forget, you also need to sense if this person will fit into your family and your home

Interview Tips For Successful Housemaid Recruitment

As you commence your recruitment, you will need to filter through many classified ads or CVs. The next step will be the phonecall, and here, don't forget your are not only interviewing the candidate, the candidate is also interviewing you! Follow these steps to a successful recruitment

Step By Step Guide To Sponsoring Your Maid

Employer pre-requirements:
Must not be a bachelor
Must hold a valid UAE residence visa
Must have a minimum salary of Aed 6000 per month, or Aed 5000 per month and accommodation

Welcoming Your Maid Into Your Home

Now that you have found a maid, and sponsored her, you need to do a few more things before bringing her into your home. By getting her into a good start and making her feel welcome, you will build a long lasting relationship of trust, and help dispel her fears and shyness.