Interview Tips For Successful Housemaid Recruitment

As you commence your recruitment, you will need to filter through many classified ads or CVs. The next step will be the phonecall, and here, don't forget your are not only interviewing the candidate, the candidate is also interviewing you! Follow these steps to a successful recruitment

  1. Shortlist 3-5 candidates to interview from the CVs available. Compare each CV to your specification or requirement and select who seem to fit.
  2. Once you have the list with you, it's time for you to call them and prepare yourself for the phone interview. Make sure that you are prepared when doing the phone interview. Ensure that you have the CV of each candidate with you before calling them.
  3. Call the candidates in the evening preferably around 7pm. If they don't answer, call after an hour or send an SMS saying 'Hi, I'm Mrs._____ and we are looking for a housemaid. Please let me know when are you free to talk so I can call you back. Thank you.'
  4. Bear in mind the candidate may not have credits on her phone and therefore might not be able to return your call
  5. If you get the candidate on the phone, greet her and tell her that you got her CV from
  6. Introduce yourself and briefly tell the candidate how many children you have, pets (if you have) and where you live (mention how many rooms are there in your house). If your place is far from the public transport, offer to give her a weekly allowance to cover the cost of taxi from your place to the nearest bus station or metro. Include your expectations or your requirements in a maid ie. knows how to cook, experience with new born babies or children, comfortable with pets, irons very well etc.
  7. After you have briefly mentioned all the important things about your family and your requirements in a housemaid, ask the candidate to tell you something about herself. (This is to make the candidate speak and to give you an idea what kind of a person she is and gauge fluency in English or Arabic.)
  8. Mention the salary offered and the benefits that she will get if she works for your family. ie. Weekly off (mention the day), yearly ticket, one month paid holiday, free food, own room, free internet access and mobile phone. (Candidates love to hear benefits so you should use it to your advantage specially if the things are included in your offer)
  9. Ask her if she's good in cleaning, cooking, ironing or looking after children? (Here you will determine if she matches your requirements)
  10. You may also ask what her expectations in an employer are. (You will give the candidate the opportunity to inform you of any particular expectations.)
  11. Ask her why did she leave her previous job and try to get the phone number of her previous employer so you can do a background check. Always try to contact referees by PHONE not in writing. Bring up a possibly negative item from your interview with the candidate and ask referee to comment and listen how the answer is given. Finish by asking 'Would you re-hire this person if she came back to you for job?' Take note of any hesitation.
  12. If you think that the candidates that you have interviewed over the phone match your requirement, we advise you to meet the candidates personally to determine if you have a good rapport with them before making the final choice.
  13. To ensure the candidate attends the interview, propose an easy to reach interview location, that is, next to a metro station. Mall of the Emirates or Burjuman are really convenient and you can interview a few candidates on the same day
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