Interview Questions For A Maid

It is likely you will be interviewing a lot of candidates so don't leave your recruitment to chance. By asking all the candidates the same questions you will get a good feel for who suits your needs best. And don't forget, you also need to sense if this person will fit into your family and your home


  1. What kind of formal training have you had?
  2. What about your character would help you do this job day in and day out?
  3. The house is full of guests and you're tired, how does this affect your work and attitude?
  4. How do you handle complaints about the work you have done?
  5. Are you comfortable working in a team with another housemaid for example?
  6. What time do you usually come back from your day off?
  7. Do you have a boyfriend here in the UAE? How does this affect your work?

Organisation skills:

  1. What steps would you take to insure your job is done in your allotted amount of time?
  2. Do you prefer housework, caring for kids or cooking?
  3. You are cleaning the windows and run out of spray, what would you do?
  4. Are you willing to take on extra tasks or what kind of extra tasks would you be willing to take on?
  5. What problems are associated with a lack of orderliness in the kitchen?
  6. How did you fill free time at your last job?

Cleaning techniques:

  1. I don't, it comes back anyway
  2. With a brush
  3. With a toothbrush and hoover
  4. With a wet cloth

You should not mix sponges for:
  1. Kitchen and bathroom
  2. Kitchen, dishes and bathroom
  3. Dishes and bathroom

You should only use bleach on:
  1. Cotton clothes
  2. White clothes
  3. Silk clothes
  4. No clothes

If the employer has pets:
  1. Do you have pets at home in the Philippines?
  2. What is your favourite animal? (only after this can you mention that there are dogs to walk for example, and check if this is ok)
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