Interview Questions For A Cook

Here are some useful questions to ask a chef during interview. We always recommend you test their cooking before hiring, but these questions should already get you on the way


  1. What kind of formal training have you had?
  2. What about your character would help you do this job day in and day out?
  3. The house is full of guests and you're tired, how does this affect your work and attitude?
  4. How do you handle complaints about meals you have prepared?

Organisation skills:

  1. What steps would you take to insure your job is done in your allotted amount of time?
  2. How would you handle not having everything in stock that you need to make the recipe you are assigned?
  3. You are cooking for dinner and the oven runs out of gas, what would you do?
  4. Are you willing to take on extra tasks or what kind of extra tasks would you be willing to take on?
  5. What problems are associated with a lack of orderliness in the kitchen?
  6. How did you fill free time at your last job?

Cooking techniques:

Whole herbs and spices tied loosely in cheese cloth are called?
  1. Bouquet Garni
  2. Herb Sack
  3. Sachet
  4. Mirpoix

The shape of a julienne cut are which of the following?
  1. shavings
  2. cubes
  3. sticks
  4. slices

In preparing button mushrooms for cooking you should
  1. Soak in water and pat dry
  2. Quickly rinse in running water
  3. Peel delicately with a knife
  4. Scrape with a brush

Italians recommend you cook pasta:
  1. Al dente
  2. Well done
  3. Al punto
  4. Bene fato

To keep products fresh and bacteria free, what should be placed at the top of the fridge:
  1. Raw meat
  2. Cheese
  3. Fruits and vegetables
  4. Sauces
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