Afshana Rasheed 29 yrs old Female
AED 1,500 - 1,800
Expected Salary

Date of birth Dec 30, 1990

Nationality Filipino

Location Dubai, UAE

Religion Islam

Marital Status Single

Living arrangements Live In

Type of visa Visit

Visa Expiry date Jan 23, 2019

Available from Oct 27, 2018

Ready for work


Skills Trained Housekeeper

Current Status

Still looking for a job as of Oct 27, 2018

Recruiter Comments

Afshana is an experienced teacher who is currently seeking a housemaid/nanny job. She can handle kids very well and she can also act as a tutor to them. If you are looking for someone like her, you may give her a call anytime.

Language Proficiency

Spoken Read Written
English Good Good Good
Sinhala Excellent Excellent Excellent

Education from most recent

School Year Obtained Qualification obtained
Sri Lanka 0 Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training

Employment from most recent

Teacher from 2016 to 2018
Located at Sri Lanka AED 800 salary

Nature of Work & Responsibilities

She taught basic literacy to children. She also assessed and observed their progress.

Reason for leaving

She was looking for a better opportunity.