Step By Step Guide To Sponsoring Your Maid

Employer pre-requirements:

Must not be a bachelor
Must hold a valid UAE residence visa
Must have a minimum salary of Aed 6000 per month, or Aed 5000 per month and accommodation

  1. You and your maid will need to go to the Dubai Naturalization and Residence Department (DNRD) located next to Trade Centre roundabout on Jafiliya street (next to the Bur Dubai Police Station)
  2. Go to the Hijri typing centre at the entrance of the complex with:
    1. Your own salary certificate and labour contract
    2. Your tenancy agreement
    3. Your passport (and a copy)
    4. Copy of the maid's passport (and original passport with entry permit after arrival in the UAE)
    5. 8 passport photos of the maid
    6. If you (the sponsor) and the maid are the same nationality, then you will need an affadavit from your embassy or consulate to certify you are not related to the maid
    7. AED 2000 deposit for entry visa
    8. AED 5100 for residence visa (annual cost)
    9. AED 300-400 for health card (annual cost)
    10. AED 500 for other fees
  3. Once the computer generated employment contract has been issued (sample attached) you can go to the Maid visa department in DNRD to obtain a stamp
    1. Go to the Hospital with the document and your maid for her medical test. She will be tested for:
      1. Hepatitis B
      2. Syphilis
      3. HIV
      4. Leprosy
      5. TB
      6. Pregnancy
  4. You should then receive her results card within a few days or if you pay for express results, you can have them on the spot
  5. Go back to the DNRD or immigration department with health card, medical test results, and other documents listed above.
  6. The DNRD will then fill in a labour contract, copies of which need to be signed by you and the maid. You will then go from one counter to the next for:
    1. Residence visa to be stamped in maid passport
    2. The Labour card

Government Hospitals
Online Booking ( available for Medical Test from Government Clinics (you will need to fill in form for a temporary health card).
Normal Medical Test Fee is Dh.260 + Dh15 for Courier delivery within five working days.

Speed Packages: Dh470 for 24 hour service and Dh370 for 48 hour service.
Al Satwa
Primary Health Care Centre
Location: Near Post Office / Bus Station
7:30am 9:00pm
Sun to Thu
8am to 1pm Sat & holidays

Al Mankhool
Route: Turn Right before Union Cooperative -Karama> British Nursery> Turn Right
7:30am 2:30 pm
Sun to Thu

Al Bada'a Clinic
Route: Sheikh Zayed Road>Behind Shangri-La Hotel
7:30am 2:30 pm
Sun to Thu
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