Employer Code Of Conduct

It goes both ways, and we think you should also adhere to a certain set of rules. Human dignity of the employee is very important, don't forget you are trusting them with your home and maybe even your children!

I commit to:

General behaviour and attitude

  1. Speak respectfully to my employee
  2. Not ask for unreasonable work hours or tasks
  3. Give the employee a visa and sponsor them paying these fees in full
  4. Pay salaries every month on time and in full
  5. Give my employee one full day off every week or if agreed, give the day off at another time or pay extra salary for it
  6. Give my employee on month's paid holiday and ticket home every year
  7. Give my employee sufficient food and toiletries, or an allowance
  8. Provide medical insurance and care
  9. Supply my employee with a room and bathroom

Work ethics

  1. Give my employee sufficient training for them to do their job as I require
  2. Discuss openly with employee any issues that may arise and give them a chance to explain themselves
  3. Treat my employee respectfully and not put them in danger
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