Employee Code Of Conduct

We suggest you share this document with your new home helper to make sure you both agree on the way forward. Take the time to sit with them and make sure they understand and agree on all these points. You can then sign this document and keep a copy each.

I commit to:

General behaviour and attitude

  1. Have a positive and cheerful attitude at work, leaving my worries behind
  2. Not ask my employer for loans / salary advances: I will manage my income responsibly
  3. Leave my cell phone in my room and not take personal calls during work hours, unless my employer requests that I keep a cell phone to be reachable for him
  4. Ask for items I need (toiletries, food) and not take without permission
  5. Always be nicely groomed for work (hair held back, clean nails, tidy clothes)
  6. If I have a question or a concern, discuss it politely with my employer at a suitable time (not when there are guests for example)
  7. Always speak politely and respectfully
  8. Keep my room and belongings tidy and organised
  9. Take a shower daily, brush my teeth and wash my hair at least every other day
  10. Call my employers Sir or Madam unless told otherwise
  11. Come back home from my day off at the agreed time and let my employer know I am back
  12. Always ask my employer at the end of the day if I may retire to my room: never disappear without saying where I am going
  13. Never invite my friends/family to the house unless my employer has given specific permission
  14. Keep what happens in the house confidential, not spreading gossip outside
  15. Wear appropriate clothes during working hours (no shorts, tank tops and tube tops) or a uniform if it is given to me

Work ethics

  1. Be willing to learn
  2. Start work every day on time
  3. Do all my work fully and responsibly
  4. If I am given money for house shopping, always immediately return change and receipts to my employer
  5. If I do not understand an instruction, ask my employer to repeat
  6. Offer my help when I see my employer doing something
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