Marites Cruz 45 yrs old Female
AED 1,900 - 2,100
Expected Salary

Date of birth May 6, 1972

Nationality Filipino

Location Dujbai

Religion Christianity

Marital Status Married

Living arrangements Live In

Type of visa Cancelled Visa

Visa Expiry date Nov 1, 2017

Available from Oct 12, 2017

Ready for work


Skills Trained Housekeeper,Baby care

Current Status

Still looking for a job as of Oct 11, 2017

Recruiter Comments

Marites is a hardworking and reliable person. Dedicated and flexible. She can do cleaning and babysitting.

Language Proficiency

Spoken Read Written
English Good Excellent Excellent
Tagalog Excellent Excellent Excellent

Education from most recent

School Year Obtained Qualification obtained
National Teacher's College 0 BS Education graduate

Employment from most recent

Housemaid/Caregiver from 2013 to 2015
Located at Brunei AED 1800 salary

Nature of Work & Responsibilities

Worked for a Chinese family. Performed cleaning, washing, ironing and took care of an 89 year old female.

Reason for leaving

End of Contract

Housekeeper/Cleaner from 2015 to 2017
Located at Dubai AED 2000 salary

Nature of Work & Responsibilities

Worked for a Syrian employer. Responsible for organizing and maintaining the cleanliness of the restaurant. Also served foods to the guests.

Reason for leaving

End of Contract